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Funeral and Memorial Service Policy

When a death in the family occurs, one’s faith assumes a special sense of significance. It is during our season of grief that many of us reaffirm our faith in Jesus Christ, finding comfort in houses of worship and the community of care they embody.  This document is designed to outline our policies and clarify your expectations with regard to the funeral or memorial service at First Congregational Church.

Our primary goal during times of loss is to provide pastoral care to those who grieve. In the tradition of the United Church of Christ, a funeral or memorial service itself is considered a celebration---a celebration of life and a celebration of faith. The
actual service should accomplish three things: 1) provide affirmation for feelings of loss, anger, confusion and sadness, 2) provide a time and space to remember the one who has died, and 3) provide a message of hope and reassurance that in Christ all things are made new, that death is the doorway to new life for those we have lost and for ourselves. Our aim is to be sensitive to your needs and feelings as we walk together through the emotional turmoil that is grief.

For Christians, death signifies a transition, not an ending. Maintaining the delicate balance between joy and sorrow requires the ministry of the church to be both compassionate of heart and solid in faith. Our goal is to acknowledge the pain that a loved one’s death brings while planting seeds of hope that will eventually lead to healing and wholeness. Like birth, death is one of life’s most hallowed moments. Let us honor it together with reverence and with joy.

Funeral and Memorial Service Facility Usage

In using our church for a funeral or memorial service, there are multiple facilities available for your usage. Any fees charged for a funeral or memorial service are kept to a minimum for both members and non-members. Our church facilities are offered on the condition that they will be left in the same condition as they were found, excluding general clean up. The church custodial services are included in each of the facilities listed below.

During funeral or memorial service discussions with the minister, you will fill out the attached facility application, and the Church secretary will verify the availability of the indicated facilities.

Please download our Funeral and Memorial Service Policy here.

First Congregational Church of Bristol, Rhode Island

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For pastoral care: Rev. Deborah Tate Breault
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The First Congregational Church in Bristol is proud to be an open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.

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